Governance and Citizen Participation

Strategic Goal – Good governance at all levels of society


Weak public leadership, limited Citizens voice and education on governance imperatives, poor access and control of public information and limited resources coupled with widespread corruption, nepotism, impunity, injustices and abuse of human rights has led to poor governance at local and national levels.

PEN continue to provide civic education to citizens and provide capacity to their organisations to have a common voice to demand and receive public services. This ensures citizens and their organisations continue as the ultimate watchdogs of democracy and good governance and that citizens influence the systems, institutions, decisions and resources affecting them at both local and national levels.

1500 children and women of Mutulani village need your support today to bring clean and safe water closer to their door steps.

Please note you will need a Credit card or Paypal account to make the donation.


Improved Health For 1500 Women and Children in Kenya

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