PEN Fundraising Campaign to Provide Safe and Clean Water for 1500 Women & Children Mutulani Village in Eastern Kenya


In July 2014 a 10,000 liters water tank was installed at Mutulani primary school compound for roof catchment water harvesting. This has been a long journey since the onset of this project towards the end of year 2013. A recommendation was made to have the tank installed at the primary school by the community through MAWE Community Based Organization (CBO). Every household in Mutulani sub location is represented by a child in the school hence every community member will benefit from the water collected in the tank as reported by MAWE Chairman.
The community contributed unskilled labor, supervision through MAWE CBO, locally available materials which include water for construction of the tank base, ballast, bricks and sand. The community also contributed a bag of cement towards completion of the base when the quantity that was quoted could not finish the entire work. This was a clear indication that sustainability of the project is guaranteed.

Read full report on the Water Tank Installation update 


The people of Mutulani have been preparing and finalizing logistics of receiving a water tank to harvest roof catchment water to be used for drinking by the children and teachers while in school. The community and the school fraternity met and agreed that, with the resources available through global giving account they can install a water tank in Mutulani primary school that carries a representative from every household within the area. The primary school has over 400 children and the significance of the project would be felt by the entire community through their children. Read the full report ; May 2014 

Provide clean & safe water for 1500 women & children



Would you drink this water? Mutulani village families have to walk for 5 kms or more in search of water and this is the quality of water they get after the trek.

PEN has since qualified to fundraise on the Global Giving fundraising platform and wish to extend our sincere gratitude to all friends, family and people who gave generously to the cause and helped us meet the target of raising funds from forty (40) unique donors.

We however still need to raise much more to meet the total cost of the proposed project. Currently our donations total just over $2,000 and need to raise the difference of the total project cost which is USD $ 35,294.

Our goal is to provide clean water, improved maternal and children health as well as increased engagement of women in economic activities. The project also envisions more time available for school children to play and study as a result of saved time in fetching water and improved health from accessing safe water.

To do this, we will rely heavily on the genius and fortitude of the community members, leaders as well as support from a community based organization called 'Mutulani Administration Welfare Association (MAWE)'.

Poverty Eradication Network (PEN) has the people, the leadership and the courage to make this happen in collaboration with the community and well wishers.

Click here to read the 1st Report on the Water Project as posted on Global Giving Website 

PEN was established to contribute toward the eradication of poverty in East Africa, through building the institutional capacity of civil society organizations and other not-for-profit organizations and institutions (NPOs). One of PEN's Strategic goals is to empower communities to be responsible for their development agenda.

PEN partners with communities through CBOs and other local groups to identify sustainable solutions to local development. PEN's development model is based on participatory methodologies and capacity development, which empower communities to define and deliver their own development agenda. This approach ensures achievable and sustainable community action plans are developed and with PEN support implemented.

PEN has implemented similar projects on Natural Resource management, livelihoods, small holder agriculture, water harvesting systems, environmental conservation, microfinance and self help groups in South Eastern Kenya.

Water is Life - help end the poverty cycle;
This project will empower women in village, by equipping them with the proper skills and resources and in turn women have the power to help whole families and entire communities. This will be as a result of the time and energy saved from having accessible and safe water sources near their homesteads.

Rebecca Massai a woman from Mutulani Village gave us an account of the women experiences. Women have to walk for over 5 kilometers in search of water and even then can only carry a jerry can of 20 liters at a time. Sometimes they buy water from water vendors so that it is enough for their household use.

Many women complain of back pain as a result of the heavy water load and distance traveled daily. It impacts on their health because if the pain is too much they have to seek treatment and they waste a lot of time traveling and hence no time to engage in social economic activities.

Other health issues stem from consumption of contaminated water this affects all members of the family and hence makes the household less productive and prone to the poverty cycle.

"My dream will be to get clean, safe water near my homestead" says Rebecca. The project will also facilitate the women in setting up economic activities that will lift them from the poverty cycle.

Yvonne Mutua is an 11 year old student from Mutulani Primary school. Below is the account of the challenges she and fellow students go through each day in trying to get water for the school;

"Every morning and evening all students of Mutulani Primary school have to walk to the nearest water pan to fetch water in 5 liter jerry cans to take to school. They carry the water as well as their books and by the end of the day the children are tired".

The water is used to clean the school, wash hands and for drinking. Many students fall ill as a result of consuming contaminated water and end up missing classes which in turn affects their performance.

Yvonne would like to see a future where the students at her school and neighboring community do not have to spend time walking long distances to get water. "I appeal to well wishers to assist in digging a borehole near the school".

The bore hole will provide a ready source of water that will be purified for the purposes of consumption and hygiene at the school and the community. Children will in turn spend time studying and playing which is important for a rounded upbringing.

Together, we can help achieve a solution for Mutulani Village, by providing safe water for the future generations.

Life depends on water, the bore hole and reservoirs depends on you!

Please donate to the cause and help improve the health of 1,500 women and children of Mutulani village.

Please note you will need a Credit card or PayPal account to make the donation. (You can also use your Equity Bank debit card with VISA sign)

Kindly consult with your bank on the appropriate method to remit your donations online

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1500 children and women of Mutulani village need your support today to bring clean and safe water closer to their door steps.

Please note you will need a Credit card or Paypal account to make the donation.


Improved Health For 1500 Women and Children in Kenya

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