Working With Communities

Strategic Goal – Working towards Resilient Communities


Poverty seems a paradox in a country that has one of the most developed economies in Eastern Africa. About 79 per cent of Kenya's population lives in rural areas and relies on agriculture for most of its income. Poverty rate is 48 per cent. The poor are unable to meet their daily nutritional requirements. Although general social and economic conditions have improved since the early 1980s. Over the past 30 years, the population has more than tripled; greatly increasing pressure on the country's resources and increasing vulnerability among large sections of the population. Women and Youth are particularly vulnerable because they do not have equal access to social and economic assets. Subsistence farming and petty informal trade are the primary – and often the only – sources of livelihood. Subsistence farming is no longer sufficient to provide means of livelihoods due negative effects of climate and environmental degradation and petty trade is hampered by structural constraints.

In working with the communities, PEN aims to empower communities at the grassroots to be responsible for their development agenda. PEN supports communities by helping them work on their own and know their own challenges and as a result come up with their own plans to address their own community felt needs.

How we do it

PEN partners with communities through CBOs and other local groups to identify sustainable solutions to local development. PEN's development model is based on participatory methodologies and capacity development, which empower communities to define and deliver their own development agenda.

This approach ensures achievable and sustainable community action plans are developed and with PEN support implemented.









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