PEN believes that a strong civil society [including Public Benefit Organizations (PBOs) is fundamental to the development of any country and its ability to have sustainable impact upon poverty. However PBOs have not always played its role satisfactorily due to a myriad of challenges ranging from weak operational framework, weak capacity to demonstrate their effectiveness capability question and in appropriate regulatory framework and lack of common voice in the sector has undermined the role of the sector.



We focus our work on strengthening the PBOs to address these challenges. We implements projects at local, national and regional levels that have positive impact on reduction, alleviation and eradication of poverty. We stress holistic, people-centred, community-driven and rights-based approaches to development; emphasizing: self-reliance, lasting results and the optimum use of local resources for maximum impact.

Sustainable PBOs do not and cannot exist in a vacuum. All organizations operate within a political, social and economic context and are subject to regulatory and institutional constraints. While it is important to support organization-specific interventions for it to thrive, it is equally important to look at the external environment in which they operate. Without addressing the issues related to the overall civil society environment, interventions at the organizational level alone do not produce optimal results to achieve sustainable development and hence our commitment to work towards creating an enabling environment robust enough for the organizations to operate in. PEN achieves this through the following focus areas;


Working towards Resilient Communities

PEN partners with communities through CBOs and other local groups to identify sustainable solutions to local development..READ MORE 


Working with the Civil Society Sector

In working with the Civil Society Sector, PEN aims to work together with other stakeholders in creating an enabling environment for CSOs to operate.  READ MORE 


Governance and Citizen Participation

Weak public leadership, limited Citizens voice and education on governance imperatives, poor access and control of public information and limited resources coupled with widespread corruption, nepotism, impunity, injustices and abuse of human rights has led to poor governance at local and national levels. ent of CSOs as effective agents of social change.READ MORE 



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Improved Health For 1500 Women and Children in Kenya

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