CSO Dialogue

CSO Dialogue (1)

Saturday, 14 November 2015 06:01

CSO Dialogue

The success of the CSO sector will be determined by the way it engages with the national government and works with county governments in the interests of the public. The CSO sector has succeeded in pushing for reforms when they come together and it has demonstrated that it is possible to be the alternative voice when it comes to reforms and citizens agenda. It has midwifed some of the challenging reforms in Kenya, at the cost of tears, wounds, citizens' lives, image and profile of its leaders.

The sector believes that it can midwife again especially on broadened and enhanced scope provided by the new constitutions with two levels of governments to hold account for commitments on citizens' rights and service delivery. The space to engage is widening (both vertically and horizontally) and greater energy is required. Read more here.

Report proceedings of CSO dialogue in Coast region, Mombasa, 7th Aug 2014 

Report proceedings of CSO dialogue in Western and Nyanza regions, Kisumu, 14th Aug 2014

Report proceedings of CSO dialogue in Central and Eastern Kenya, Nyeri, 11th September 2014

Report proceedings of CSO dialogue in Rift Valley region, Nakuru, 18th September 2014

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