Since inception PEN has been able to offer consultancy services to the Civil Society Organizations in Africa as a way of generating unrestricted income. The generated income has been retained by the organization for its self-preservation by meeting all unfunded expenses as well as to keep the organization a float when certain funding come to an end and ensuring that no staff involved was released. Its commitment to providing a cost effective services to help organizations achieve the impact and sustainability needed to make social change a reality led to increase in consultancy income to the level that it became necessary to set up a complete different vehicle to move this initiative to the next level.

Even though we have engaged in consultancy services that are related to the organizational purpose, the volume of work increased to a point that would jeopardize PEN charity status. For this reason Poverty Eradication Network has setup a consulting arm; PEN Management and Development Consultants (PMDC) which will continue the good work of providing capacity building services to CSOs and public institutions. PEN charity's work with organizations will now focus on mentoring and coaching and whose engagement with these organizations will be long term in nature.

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1500 children and women of Mutulani village need your support today to bring clean and safe water closer to their door steps.

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Improved Health For 1500 Women and Children in Kenya

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