Mission and Vision


A society where all people have access to a life of dignity, devoid of absolute poverty


To enhance the capacity of Citizen Organizations to eradicate absolute poverty in Africa through development, demonstration and dissemination of effective strategies and good practice at all levels


Respect for human rights, equity and justice for all: PEN works with respect for the rights of all people to determine their own destiny and development, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, age or gender.

Respect for the innate potential, dignity and ability of all people to remake their own lives: PEN works with respect for the beliefs and wisdom of all our partners and applies participatory approaches that build upon existing knowledge and skills, and ensure ownership and control of outputs remains with them.

Transparency and Accountability: PEN ensures that its assets and resources are used exclusively for the achievement of its mission and consistent with its values. We are open in all our transactions and accountable for our expenditures and impact.

Concern for a healthy and clean environment: PEN promotes technologies that build upon indigenous knowledge and resources, while regenerating and protecting the environment, ensuring people's health and safety.


1. Resilient Communities

2. Strong PBO Sector influencing development agenda in Kenya

3. Good governance at all levels of society

1500 children and women of Mutulani village need your support today to bring clean and safe water closer to their door steps.

Please note you will need a Credit card or Paypal account to make the donation.


Improved Health For 1500 Women and Children in Kenya

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